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Chanel No.5 Cake

This two-tier cake is an ideal dessert for a party or bridal shower. Both tiers of the cakes are designed to look like circular boxes with the top box having the Chanel logo on it. There is also an edible stiletto that sits on top of the cake and makes this an attractive centerpiece dessert.

Cheeseburger Cake

If you have a foodie in your life, this cake is the perfect option for them! The cake is designed to look a giant size cheeseburger, except for everything in this delicious dessert is made of cake and frosting. This playful and colorful cake is sure to make your party even better and is ideal for birthdays.

Chevrolet Cake

If you know someone who loves cars, this cake is the perfect dessert option for them. The cake is covered in a light icing with the Chevrolet logo placed in the middle. Small race cars and a checkers race flag are used to decorate the cake so that it resembles a car racing course.

Chic Chanel Cake

This cake is extremely elegant and designed for the fashion diva in your life. The cake itself is made of delicious sponge that is covered with a patterned white fondant. A golden bracelet and edible pearls are used to add some bling to the cake and add different textures to it.

Chicken Bucket Cake

Our Chicken Bucket cake is perfect for the foodie in your life. This cake is designed to look like a KFC chicken bucket with realistic chicken pieces in it, and all of this is made of icing and cake! This scrumptious cake is as delicious as it looks, and is perfect for special celebrations with friends and family.

Choco Berry Cake

From: د.إ155.00
This Choco Berry Cake is a combination of two classic flavors, berries and chocolate. The cake is covered in a chocolate icing to give an ombre effect, whereas a chocolate ganache is made to drip from the top. Fresh berries add a natural flavor to this cake and give this dessert a fruity, tangy taste.

Chocolate Art Cake

Our Chocolate Art Cake is perfect for sophisticated and elegant people who believe simplicity is beauty. The cake is decorated using grey frosting and patterns are made on this grey base with blue icing. Chocolate shards are used to adorn the cake, whereas a large chocolate art piece is placed on top of the cake.

Chocolate Candy Bar Cake

From: د.إ288.00
This cake tries to bring all of our favorite chocolates into one cake. While the frosting is a delicious butter cream, the cake is decorated with Toblerones, Oreos, Maltese’s’ and an assortment of other chocolates that make the cake perfect for chocoholics and add different flavors to the cake.

Chocolate Carnival Cake

From: د.إ208.00
This cake is a combination of all the classic carnival treats that people enjoy. The cake is frosted with chocolate cream and a caramel ganache and is topped with caramel popcorn and crunchy pretzels. There is also a bar of white chocolate that gives the cake height and adds another dimension of flavor.

Chocolate Delight Cake

From: د.إ228.00
For people who love all things chocolate, this cake is the perfect option for parties and celebrations. The cake is frosted using a light chocolate cream and a dark chocolate dripping ganache. It is decorated using hazelnut chocolates, Oreo biscuits and a slab from cookies and a creamy chocolate bar, making it truly decadent.

Chocolate Dessert Cake with Edible Gold

From: د.إ228.00
Our Chocolate Dessert Cake combines everyone's favorite chocolate desserts in one cake! The cake is topped with chocolate glazed donuts, chocolate bars and biscuits and is covered in a smooth chocolate ganache. This cake is suitable for people of all ages and is an excellent option for birthdays and celebrations,

Chocolate Drip Cake

From: د.إ388.00
Our Chocolate Drip Cake is a fan favorite. A light chocolate butter cream frosting coats the cake whereas a rich chocolate ganache is used to top it. Delicious chocolate macaroons and Oreo biscuits give the cake different textures and flavors and make it suitable for both adults and children.

Chocolate Drip Cake – 2

From: د.إ388.00
Our Simple Drip cake has a simple, minimalistic design but delivers big flavors. This cake is frosted using cookies and cream butter cream and a dripping chocolate ganache. Cream cookies, chocolate macaroons and candy, make this a tantalizing dessert. This cake can be ordered for a variety of events due to its simple and versatile design.

Chocolate Forest Cake

From: د.إ155.00
This cake is designed for all chocoholics. The cake itself is covered in a light chocolate cream icing while a dark chocolate ganache drips from the top. Fresh blueberries and green leaves are used to give a fresh forest effect to this dessert, making it ideal for a number of events.

Chocolate Number Cake (two number)

This cake is made up of two layers of decadent chocolate sponge that has chocolate cream in the middle. It is decorated using round chocolate candies and blackberries, which gives the taste of the cake another dimension by providing a fresh, fruity burst of flavor. This cake can be customized for any event.

Chocolate Space Cake

From: د.إ288.00
This cake is entirely decorated with a black chocolate ganache that is rich in flavor and gives the cake the feel of a night sky. Oreos, white chocolate stars and small pipes of black cream are used to fill this space cake, making it look like a scene from a sci-fi movie that is ready to be devoured.

Colorful Macaroon Cake

From: د.إ575.00
Our Colorful Macaroon Cake is a fun, interactive cake with yummy decorations that you can eat and enjoy! The cake is covered in white frosting and a white chocolate ganache, but it is the shiny, metallic-colored macaroons that add color and vibrancy to this cake and make it an eye-catching centerpiece.

Cookies and Cream Cake

From: د.إ248.00
Cookies and Cream is a classic combination, and this cake is the perfect method for enjoying it. This cake is frosted with cookies and cream frosting, is topped with a silky chocolate ganache and has cookies and cream chocolate bar fixed on top of it to make the cake even more attractive and delicious.

Crunchy Cream Cake with Edible Gold 20k Leaves

Everyone likes to have some complexity of flavor and different textures in their cake. Our crunchy cake is frosted with rich cream but is decorated with Ferraro Rocher chocolates, crunchy mini pretzels and caramel popcorn. All of these flavors work well together and make the cake a treat to eat.