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Blue Blast Cake with Edible 20k Gold

Our Blue Blast cake is a bestseller and a very sophisticated and elegant dessert option for several events. It is frosting using fresh cream which has been colored in different shades of blue, and to add a little bling to the cake, we have decorated it at the top with gold foil.

Blue Brush Stroke Cake

From: د.إ225.00
This cake is truly a piece of art and is sure to catch everyone's eye when you serve it. The cake is painted using a delicious cream icing in blue and white. White flowers and fresh green leaves add some vibrancy to this scrumptious dessert and make it look natural and delicious.

Blue Cone Cake

From: د.إ268.00
Cone cakes are all the rage these days, and our Blue Cone cake is our take on this trend. The cake is decorated in light blue frosting, and then a darker blue ganache is made to drip from the top of the cake to make it look as if the cone on the cake is melting. This cake can be a showstopper at any event.

Blue Drip Cake

From: د.إ288.00
Our sea cake is frosted with sea blue colored butter cream and is topped with a dripping chocolate ganache. Chocolate bars, blue candies and little clouds of blue frosting make this cake look like a sea with chocolate creatures in it. This versatile cake can be used as a centerpiece dessert in almost any event.

Blue Floral Cake

From: د.إ425.00
This cake is one of our most unique and attractive designs. The cake itself is covered in a fresh white cream frosting while blue icing is used to make flowers on it. Light blue flowers adorn the cake from top to bottom to make it even more eye-catching, making this dessert ideal for numerous celebrations.

Blue Flower N’ Macaroon Cake

From: د.إ595.00
This cake is fun and whimsical, making it ideal for birthday parties. The cake is decorated in a light blue and lilac frosting with pastel-colored macaroons sitting on top of it. Fresh, light-colored roses and gold leaf are used as design elements to make the cake even more eye-catching and attractive.

Blue Football Cake

From: د.إ155.00
This cake is designed especially for football lovers! The top of the cake had a digital print of a football stadium on top, whereas the sides are decorated with blue football jerseys. Blueberries are placed at the sides of the cake to form a circle, making this cake taste as delicious as it looks!

Blue Forest Cake

From: د.إ155.00
Our Blue Forest Cake is a fresh, unique design that is perfect for many parties. The cake is covered in a cream icing in different shades of blue with a dripping chocolate ganache. Fresh green leaves are then used to create a forest-like effect, making this cake even more eye-catching.

Blue Gold Cake with Edible Gold

From: د.إ268.00
Our Blue Gold cake is a combination of eye-catching colors and delicious flavors that make this cake ideal for birthdays and parties. This cake is frosted using a deep blue cream frosting. A thick golden ganache drips from the top of the cake and gold foil is placed on the cake to make it stand out. Donuts and macaroons make this cake even more tempting.

Blueberry Drip Cake

From: د.إ155.00
This cake is ideal for the chocolate lover in your life! The cake is covered in a light chocolate icing, whereas a dark chocolate ganache drips from the top. Chocolate dust and blueberries are used to adorn this cake, making it taste delicious and look beautiful at the same time!

Branded Cake for Him

Our Branded Cake for Him is for the brand-lover in your life. The cake is designed to look like a black Gucci shirt, which is monogrammed and is sitting on top of a branded box. Logos of various brands, such as Chanel and Dior, are also placed on the cake, and it is the great fondant detailing that makes this cake stand out.

Bright Blue Cake

From: د.إ268.00
This cake is an excellent option for people who have a sunny, bright personality. The cake is covered with a bright blue frosting that is made even brighter by pairing it with yellow cream decorations. A gold ganache and yellow and blue macaroons make this cake an eye-catching dessert.