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Wine Barrel Cake

Our Wine Barrel Cake is an ideal option for people who like drinking wine and appreciate their unique taste. The cake is carved to look like a wine barrel that is covered in white fondant. Fondant grapes sit on top of this crate, giving it a realistic, rustic look and delicious taste.

Wine Bottle Cake

For people who drink and appreciate wines, our Wine Bottle Cake is a tasty and attractive option. The soft sponge is carved to look like a wine bottle but is covered in black fondant and an edible white label to make it look life-like. Red fondant grapes also adorn this cake and make it truly eye-catching.

Wonder Woman Cake

This cake is designed for the superhero lover in your life. The cake is covered in red and blue icing with the Wonder Woman logo placed in the middle of the cake. The superhero’s headdress and bracelet are used to adorn this cake, while macaroons add some textural variation to this cake.

Yellow Sports Car Cake

Who doesn't like sports cars? This cake is ideal for the car lover in your life. The cake is designed to look like a sleek sports car, and the fondant detailing makes it look very realistic. The cake is scrumptious to eat and makes for an attractive dessert at many celebrations.

Yellow Strawberry Cake

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This fun and bright cake are designed for the fun-loving person in your life! The cake is covered in a bright yellow cream icing while a dark chocolate ganache drips from the top. Sliced strawberries and blueberries add even more color to this dessert, making it truly eye-catching!

YSL Bag Cake

Girls loved YSL bags, and this cake is designed especially for them. The cake is designed to look like an YSL shoulder bag in black, while a golden chain and the brand’s logo is used to decorate it. This cake is designed to look very life-like and can be served at a variety of parties.