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Vogue Cake

Know a person who loves high fashion and wears trends straight off the runway? Well, this cake is perfect for them! The cake is designed to look like a special edition of Vogue with an edible Chanel bag sitting on top of it. There is also an edible Valentino stiletto next to the cake, and fondant flowers add some softness to this dessert.

Watch N’ Box Cake

This cake is for the watch lover in your life! The whole cake is designed to look like a watch in a box, and each element of the cake is completely edible. From the brown wooden box to the black watch and the cushion on which it rests, each part is made of delicious cake covered in soft fondant.

Whimsical Pink Cake

From: د.إ218.00
Who doesn't like a touch of whimsy in their life? Our Whimsical Pink Cake is covered in a layer of light pink frosting with a dark chocolate ganache at top. The cake is then decorated using pink frosting and colorful sprinkles to make it look like something straight out of a dream park.

Whimsy Blue Cake

From: د.إ288.00
This Whimsy Blue Cake looks like something out of a fantasy novel. The cake is frosted using blue butter cream whereas a dark chocolate ganache adds depth of flavor. Colorful sprinkles and a large chocolate shaving give the cake a whimsy look and make it an attractive dessert centerpiece.

White and Blue Cake

From: د.إ388.00
Our white and blue cake is decorated using white butter cream. The same butter cream in different shades of blue is then used to create a natural pattern at the base of the cake. Blue and white macaroons top the cake, and these are embellished with gold foil to make it look even more attractive,

White Designer Accessory Bag

This cake is for that fashionable diva who loves to accessorize her outfits with designer accessory. The cake itself is designed to look like a mini Chanel handbag with the brand's logo on it while a white Valentino shoe accompanies it. Pink bows and flowers add a pop of color to this attractive dessert.

White Floral Cake

From: د.إ475.00
Simplicity and minimalism are combined with great flavor in this unique White Floral Cake. Off white cream, icing is used to frost the cake while the gold leaf is strategically placed at various points to add some shine. Large white flowers adorn this cake from top to bottom, making it a great centerpiece dessert.

White Flower Cake

From: د.إ320.00
Our White Flower cake is a beautiful cake that combines attractive designs with great flavors. The color of the cream frosting is blue, which is then decorated using gold foil. Large white flowers adorn the cake and add to its beauty. This cake is a great option for anniversaries and bridal showers.

White N’ Gold Box Cake

From: د.إ470.00
Our White N' Gold Box Cake is ideal for bridal showers, birthdays and engagements because of its versatile design. The cake is frosted in off-white icing which is adorned with gold leaf. White chocolate shapes and white roses are used to decorate this cake to make it a truly amazing looking dessert.

White N’ Pink Marble Cake

From: د.إ595.00
This cake is a unique combination of floral and marble designs. The cake is fully covered in pink and white frosting to give it a marbles effect while a white chocolate glaze lined with gold paint drips from the top of the cake. Assorted pink roses and macaroons in shades of pink adorn this cake as well.

White Wild Rose Cake

From: د.إ550.00
Our White Wild Rose Cake is ideal for birthdays and bridal showers. This cake is covered in white frosting with a white chocolate ganache dripping from the top of the cake. Light pink and white roses, macaroons and meringues are used to decorate this cake, making it the talk of the party wherever it is!

Wine Barrel Cake

Our Wine Barrel Cake is an ideal option for people who like drinking wine and appreciate their unique taste. The cake is carved to look like a wine barrel that is covered in white fondant. Fondant grapes sit on top of this crate, giving it a realistic, rustic look and delicious taste.

Wine Bottle Cake

For people who drink and appreciate wines, our Wine Bottle Cake is a tasty and attractive option. The soft sponge is carved to look like a wine bottle but is covered in black fondant and an edible white label to make it look life-like. Red fondant grapes also adorn this cake and make it truly eye-catching.