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Three Tier White N’ Gold Cake

This simple and elegant cake is an ideal option for birthdays and celebrations. The cake is made of three tiers of delicious sponge that is covered fully in white icing and is covered in a white chocolate glaze. Golden and white macaroons are used to adorn the cake so that there are different textures in this dessert.

TNT Cake

If you know someone who loves old-fashioned video games, this cake can make a good gift for them. The cake consists of two tiers where the lower tier is in the shape of a green cylinder, and the upper layer is shaped like a box of TNT. This cake has explosive flavors and an interesting design, making it a unique dessert option.

Two Tier Flower Cake

This two-tier cake is simple yet beautiful and is designed for the elegant person in your life. Both tiers of the cake are covered in a pale pink and white icing while fresh flowers and leaves are used to adorn this cake and give it a natural, vibrant look.

Two Tier Grey Glow Cake

This cake is made of two tiers of cake stacked upon each other. Both cakes are covered in delicious grey icing with a rich black ganache dripping from the top. White sprinkles adorn the cake, whereas a chocolate bar painted golden is fixed at the top of the cake to add a little shine and sparkle.

Two Tier Grey N’ Black Cake

This cake is truly a piece of art because of its unique design and patterns. The cake's structure consists of two cubes of cake placed upon each other. The cake is covered in grey frosting, but black icing and a black ganache are used to make patterns on it. Gold foil and a chocolate sculpture make the cake even more eye-catching.

Two Tier Planet Cake

Cakes depicting the solar system are all the rage these days, and this cake is our take on the trend. The two tiers are both covered in a blue-black galaxy icing, whereas edible 3D planets are distributed all across the cake to make it look as if it is a real solar system.