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Adidas Sneaker Cake

This cake is for people who truly appreciate sneakers and are fans of Adidas. The cake itself is covered in white fondant with an Adidas logo placed in the middle. An “sneaker” made of Styrofoam and edible fondant sits on top of the cake.

Ammo Box Cake

For the adventurous person in your life, the Ammo Box cake is an ideal option for birthdays and parties. The cake is designed to look like a red box that is covered in a blue fondant cloth and is wrapped in black fondant ropes. This cake tastes delicious as it is made of soft, decadent sponge and is covered in soft fondant.

Aqua Bliss Cake

From: د.إ268.00
Our Aqua Bliss cake takes a unique shade of blue and uses it to create a masterpiece dessert. The cake is decorated using aqua colored macaroons and donuts that provide height and volume to the dessert. White biscuits and chocolates complement the aqua frosting and make it look lovely.

Barcelona Fan Cake

Our Barcelona Fan Cake is for those people who support the famous football club. The cake is decorated in the traditional maroon, red and gold colors of the cake, and a fondant scarf and edible football make this cake even more interesting! This two-tiered cake is designed to be the talk of the party and satisfy everyone's sweet tooth.

Basketball Fan Cake

Basketball is a sport loved by many, and this cake is perfect for the basketball fan in your life. This cake consists of two tiers, where the first tier is covered in red fondant, and the top tier is designed to look like a basketball net. This cake is fun and attractive to look at and delicious to eat.

Berry Cake – 2

From: د.إ155.00
The Berry Cake - 2 is made especially for all the berry fans out there! The cake is covered in a silky chocolate ganache, which adds a delicious flavor to this dessert, whereas fresh berries are used to give a fruity touch. This artistic looking cake is suitable for a range of parties and celebrations.

Berry Forest Cake

From: د.إ155.00
This cake is made for the berry lover in your life. The cake is covered in light pink, cream icing, which has a smooth, luscious texture. Fresh strawberries and blueberries are used to adorn this cake, and these berries add a fresh, fruity flavor to this dessert, making it even more delicious to eat!

Berry N’ Chocolate Cake

From: د.إ155.00
This cake seeks to combine the classic chocolate and berry combination into a dessert. The cake is covered in a sweet chocolate ganache, and fresh berries are used to add a natural, tangy flavor to this dessert. This cake is ideal for birthdays and celebrations because of its simple yet elegant design.

Berry Overdose Cake

From: د.إ155.00
This cake is designed for people who love berries and the sweet, tangy flavor they have.The cake is covered in pink and white icing, whereas a ring of assorted berries is used to adorn the top of the cake. This cake has a simple and natural design, making it ideal for birthdays and important celebrations,

Bike Chocolate Cake

For guys who appreciate bikes and chocolate, this cake is a great dessert option for parties. The cake itself is covered in white frosting with a chocolate ganache dripping from the top. Chocolate macaroons and a mini Nutella jar sit on the top of this cake along with a cutout of a chopper bike to top it off.

Biker Boy Cake

Our Biker Boy Cake is for the motorcycle lover in your life. The cake is fully covered in white fondant with an edible motorcycle sitting on top of it. Fondant flames and sweet, edible fondant “chicken pieces” are also used to decorate this cake and make it suitable for the tough, biker boy in your life.

Black Bag N’ Shoe Cake

This cake is for the style lover in your life. The body of the cake is designed to look like a mini leather Chanel bag, which is cake covered in fondant. Silver bows and an edible black Valentino stiletto accompany the cake and make it look very attractive visually.

Black Baseball Cap Cake

This cake is perfect for the sporty person in your life. The cake is designed to look like a real-life baseball cap. The sponge is carved in the shape of a half-sphere, and black and white fondant is used to create the design details, making this a truly unique dessert for your party.

Black Eiffel Tower Cake

Paris is the city of love, and we try to capture this in our lovely Eiffel Tower Cake. The cake is fully covered in black icing, but we use pink icing to make whimsical looking flowers on it and make it look colorful. An Eiffel Tower topper adorns the cake along with fresh flowers.

Black Geode Cake

From: د.إ1,250.00
Our Black Geode Cake is a unique piece of art that is beautiful and delicious at the same time. The cake is decorated in black frosting while edible stone geodes seem to peek through the sides of the cake. Detailing with gold paint and red roses makes this cake colorful and vibrant.

Black Gold Cake – 3

From: د.إ288.00
Black and gold is a classic combination, and this cake encapsulates this. The cake is fully covered in delicious black frosting and is topped with a dripping golden ganache. Gold-painted candy bars, a mini nutella jar and small, circular chocolates adorn this cake and make it a scrumptious treat.

Black Marble Rose Cake

From: د.إ695.00
Our Black Marble Rose Cake is one of our most unique designs and tastes as good as it looks. The cake is frosted using black icing with details painted on to it with gold paint. White and red roses add vibrancy to the cake while gold macaroons give some bling and shine to this delicious dessert.

Black N’ White Chanel Cake

This cake is for the person who loves both elegance and high fashion. The main cake is two-tiered and covered in white icing with black designing on it. Pearls and bows decorate this cake and black and white cake pops accompany this cake to cater to a large number of people.