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Golden Sphere Cake

This cake is one of our most different and artistic designs. The cake is shaped like a pentagon that is fully covered in black icing. Golden paint and grey icing are used to create a marbled effect, whereas 3D golden spheres are stacked on top of the cake and truly make this dessert a piece of art.

Guitar Cake

Know someone who loves playing the guitar? Well, this cake is ideal for them! The cake is carved in the shape of a guitar and is covered in red and black fondant to make it look like a real guitar. White frosting is used to make the details on this delicious, edible guitar and make it an ideal dessert for parties and celebrations.

James Bond Cake

If you know someone smart, handsome and sophisticated, you should order our James Bond cake for them! This cake is designed to look like the tuxedo that the spy is famous for wearing along with a rose to add some color to it. This cake is fun and tastes scrumptious, making it ideal for parties.

Juventus Cake

Football fans will appreciate the value of this unique and artistic cake! The cake consists of two tiers, and each of these layers is covered in black and white striped fondant, the colors of the team. Edible golden sneakers and a fondant football sit on top of this cake and add to its height and structures.

Liverpool Lover Cake

If you know a football fan, you know how sentimental they can be about their team. This cake is designed for Liverpool fans and consists of a grass field made of cake with an edible football resting on top of it. Not only is this cake eye-catching, but it is also delicious to eat as well!

NBA Fandom Cake

This cake is for the people who adore the sport of basketball. The cake is designed using black fondant to look like a basketball net and is delicious to eat. To top it all off, the figure of an NBA player is placed on the cake to give it height and structure and make it eye-catching.

Netflix Cake

Our Netflix Cake is a perfect dessert for a fan of the streaming service. The cake is covered thoroughly in red fondant with the Netflix logo in the middle of it. Edible popcorn, film reels and popcorn boxes are used to decorate the cake so that it looks more realistic and looks as good as it tastes.

Rolex Cake

A Rolex Watch makes for a good gift, but a Rolex Watch cake makes for a delicious treat that you can eat! The cake is designed to look like a green watch box that is made of cake and covered in green fondant. A fondant Rolex watch also sits in the box to complete its realistic image, and make it truly eye-catching.

Sneaker Head Cake

Everyone has a sneaker head in their social or family circle, and this cake is the ideal option for celebrations in their life! This cake is designed to look like an authentic Air Jordan in the colors red and white with black shoelaces. The cake is entirely edible, and the detailed fondant work on this cake makes it truly stand out.

Sneaker Lover Cake

Our Sneaker Lover Cake is a huge dessert that is designed especially for those people who love sneakers and are aware of their importance. The cake is designed to look as if shoe boxes are stacked upon each other, with shoes balanced on their sides. This cake makes use of different colored fondant and icings to create the design and the details, making it one of the most artistic cakes we offer.

Superman Dad Cake

For all the super dads out there, our Superman Dad Cake is the ideal option. The cake is covered in blue fondant, but its unique feature is the Superman figure sitting on a reading chair with a newspaper on top of the cake. This cake can be a good gift for your dad on Father’s day or any important celebration in his life.

Three Tier White N’ Gold Cake

This simple and elegant cake is an ideal option for birthdays and celebrations. The cake is made of three tiers of delicious sponge that is covered fully in white icing and is covered in a white chocolate glaze. Golden and white macaroons are used to adorn the cake so that there are different textures in this dessert.

TNT Cake

If you know someone who loves old-fashioned video games, this cake can make a good gift for them. The cake consists of two tiers where the lower tier is in the shape of a green cylinder, and the upper layer is shaped like a box of TNT. This cake has explosive flavors and an interesting design, making it a unique dessert option.

Two Tier Grey Glow Cake

This cake is made of two tiers of cake stacked upon each other. Both cakes are covered in delicious grey icing with a rich black ganache dripping from the top. White sprinkles adorn the cake, whereas a chocolate bar painted golden is fixed at the top of the cake to add a little shine and sparkle.

Two Tier Grey N’ Black Cake

This cake is truly a piece of art because of its unique design and patterns. The cake's structure consists of two cubes of cake placed upon each other. The cake is covered in grey frosting, but black icing and a black ganache are used to make patterns on it. Gold foil and a chocolate sculpture make the cake even more eye-catching.

Two Tier Planet Cake

Cakes depicting the solar system are all the rage these days, and this cake is our take on the trend. The two tiers are both covered in a blue-black galaxy icing, whereas edible 3D planets are distributed all across the cake to make it look as if it is a real solar system.

Watch N’ Box Cake

This cake is for the watch lover in your life! The whole cake is designed to look like a watch in a box, and each element of the cake is completely edible. From the brown wooden box to the black watch and the cushion on which it rests, each part is made of delicious cake covered in soft fondant.

Wine Barrel Cake

Our Wine Barrel Cake is an ideal option for people who like drinking wine and appreciate their unique taste. The cake is carved to look like a wine barrel that is covered in white fondant. Fondant grapes sit on top of this crate, giving it a realistic, rustic look and delicious taste.

Wine Bottle Cake

For people who drink and appreciate wines, our Wine Bottle Cake is a tasty and attractive option. The soft sponge is carved to look like a wine bottle but is covered in black fondant and an edible white label to make it look life-like. Red fondant grapes also adorn this cake and make it truly eye-catching.

Yellow Sports Car Cake

Who doesn't like sports cars? This cake is ideal for the car lover in your life. The cake is designed to look like a sleek sports car, and the fondant detailing makes it look very realistic. The cake is scrumptious to eat and makes for an attractive dessert at many celebrations.