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Black Bag N’ Shoe Cake

This cake is for the style lover in your life. The body of the cake is designed to look like a mini leather Chanel bag, which is cake covered in fondant. Silver bows and an edible black Valentino stiletto accompany the cake and make it look very attractive visually.

Black Eiffel Tower Cake

Paris is the city of love, and we try to capture this in our lovely Eiffel Tower Cake. The cake is fully covered in black icing, but we use pink icing to make whimsical looking flowers on it and make it look colorful. An Eiffel Tower topper adorns the cake along with fresh flowers.

Black N’ White Chanel Cake

This cake is for the person who loves both elegance and high fashion. The main cake is two-tiered and covered in white icing with black designing on it. Pearls and bows decorate this cake and black and white cake pops accompany this cake to cater to a large number of people.

Black N’ White Stripes Cake

The elegant design of this dessert makes it suitable for a range of parties. Both tiers of this cake are covered in a black and white striped fondant, while a golden mirror frame is used to add some shine to the cake. Fresh red roses add a dash of vibrancy to this delicious dessert.

Black Natural Flower Cake

This cake is a mesmerizing piece of art. This single tier cake is designed to be very tall, with black icing covering the sponge. Golden paint, golden edible twigs and red edible flowers are used to decorate this cake, giving it a beautiful, whimsical look. The versatile design of this cake makes it suitable for a range of parties and celebrations.

Black Swan Cake

This cake is an elegant and sophisticated option for birthdays and bridal showers. The cake is covered in black icing with an edible black swan sculpture sitting on top of the cake. Golden paint and glitter are used to add some bling and shine to this cake and make it stand out at your party.

Chanel No.5 Cake

This two-tier cake is an ideal dessert for a party or bridal shower. Both tiers of the cakes are designed to look like circular boxes with the top box having the Chanel logo on it. There is also an edible stiletto that sits on top of the cake and makes this an attractive centerpiece dessert.

Chic Chanel Cake

This cake is extremely elegant and designed for the fashion diva in your life. The cake itself is made of delicious sponge that is covered with a patterned white fondant. A golden bracelet and edible pearls are used to add some bling to the cake and add different textures to it.

Gucci Box Cake

This heart-shaped cake is perfect for your loved ones! The cake is carved into a heart shape and is covered with a light brown icing in Gucci's signature print. A red and green stripe runs across the side of this cake, and a fresh red rose adds some freshness and vibrancy to this cake.

Gucci Box Cake Black N’ White

This cake is ideal for people who love the simplicity and great taste. The cake is designed to look like a black and white box with the Gucci logo on top of it. The simple color scheme of this cake makes it look extremely elegant, whereas the delicious sponge gives it a delicious taste.

Gucci Love Cake

The Gucci Love Cake is designed in the traditional colors of the brand: green, red and brown. The soft sponge is covered in a brown patterned icing in the brand’s traditional design with a red and green stripe running through the middle. A large golden bow tie sits on top of the cake, adding some shine and bling to this delicious treat.

Gucci Shoe Cake

This cake is truly a piece of art and perfect for fashion lovers. The main cake is designed in the shape of a shoe box with an elegant, red stiletto placed on it. The color scheme of the cake is white, blue and red, making this a simple yet delicious option for your parties.

Hermes Cake

This cake is for the person who loves the brand Hermes as it combines high fashion with great flavor. The cake itself is made of a scrumptious sponge that is covered in orange icing. The name of the brand and its logo are sued to decorate the cake, making it look very realistic and visually appealing.

Jo Malone Gift Cake

Jo Malone is one of the most loved brands out there, and this cake is designed for fans of the label. The main cake is designed like a circular box with the brand's logo on it. Small gift boxes and perfume, all made out of fondant, accompany the cake and make it look very realistic.

Louis Vuitton Handbag Cake

If you know someone who loves branded products, this cake is perfect for them! This cake is designed to look like a very realistic Louis Vuitton handbag in the brand's traditional brown and cream colors. This cake is a scrumptious dessert option for a range of events.

Louis Vuitton Travel Bag Cake

If you have a diva friend who loves to travel in style, this cake is ideal for them. The cake is designed to look like a traditional Louis Vuitton bag that is covered in the brand’s logo. Sweet, dessert sushi and other replicas of other exotic foods are used to adorn the cake and make it look as if it traveled all around the world.

Louis Vuitton Trunk Cake

Who says that trunks have gone out of fashion? This cake is designed to look like a trunk with the signature Louis Vuitton logo on it. This cake consists of a soft, delicious sponge covered in icing with highly detailed designing. The versatile nature of this cake makes this an ideal dessert for numerous events.

Louis Vuitton Two Tier Cake

This cake is for a true lover of Louis Vuitton. The cake consists of two tiers: the bottom one is covered in brown fondant, whereas the top one is covered with white fondant. Both tiers are decorated with the Louis Vuitton logos made of golden icing, and a large gold bow sits on top of the cake to add some bling to it.

Makeup Addict Cake

This cake is for all makeup lovers. The cake is covered in a cream icing in different shades of peach. Cutouts and fondant replicas of some of the most popular beauty products, including those by Naked and Kylie Cosmetics, are used to decorate this fun and interactive cake.

Makeup Dream Cake

This beautiful cake is designed for the makeup expert in your life. The scrumptious sponge is covered in a patterned beige fondant and is covered with fondant replicas of high-end makeup products. The fondant detailing and colors of this cake make it stand out and look very realistic.