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Black Geode Cake

From: د.إ1,250.00
Our Black Geode Cake is a unique piece of art that is beautiful and delicious at the same time. The cake is decorated in black frosting while edible stone geodes seem to peek through the sides of the cake. Detailing with gold paint and red roses makes this cake colorful and vibrant.

Black Marble Rose Cake

From: د.إ695.00
Our Black Marble Rose Cake is one of our most unique designs and tastes as good as it looks. The cake is frosted using black icing with details painted on to it with gold paint. White and red roses add vibrancy to the cake while gold macaroons give some bling and shine to this delicious dessert.

Blue Blast Cake

From: د.إ450.00
Our Blue Blast Cake is exactly what the name says it is, a blast of the color blue! The cake has a base frosting of light blue, but then darker shades of blue frosting are used to make a natural-looking pattern on the cake. Gold leaf adds some bling to the cake, making it a versatile dessert suitable for numerous occasions.

Blue Floral Cake

From: د.إ425.00
This cake is one of our most unique and attractive designs. The cake itself is covered in a fresh white cream frosting while blue icing is used to make flowers on it. Light blue flowers adorn the cake from top to bottom to make it even more eye-catching, making this dessert ideal for numerous celebrations.

Blue Flower N’ Macaroon Cake

From: د.إ595.00
This cake is fun and whimsical, making it ideal for birthday parties. The cake is decorated in a light blue and lilac frosting with pastel-colored macaroons sitting on top of it. Fresh, light-colored roses and gold leaf are used as design elements to make the cake even more eye-catching and attractive.

Colorful Macaroon Cake

From: د.إ575.00
Our Colorful Macaroon Cake is a fun, interactive cake with yummy decorations that you can eat and enjoy! The cake is covered in white frosting and a white chocolate ganache, but it is the shiny, metallic-colored macaroons that add color and vibrancy to this cake and make it an eye-catching centerpiece.

Dark Flower Cake

From: د.إ570.00
Our Dark Flower cake is a mesmerizing dessert that tastes as good as it looks! Black icing is used to cover the cake, but gold foil and a light pink ganache add some vibrancy to it. An assortment of roses and some cute macaroons are placed at the top and sides of the cake to make it look even more appealing.

Floral Fantasy Cake

From: د.إ545.00
Our Floral Fantasy Cake is covered in pink icing and a dripping white chocolate ganache. Dark and pastel pink macaroons adorn the cake and can be eaten along with it, while lush roses are used to decorate the cake and add another design element to this dessert.

Floral Surprise Cake

From: د.إ550.00
Our Floral Surprise Cake is suitable for several events and tastes and looks beautiful. The cake is covered in a light pink frosting. Colorful meringues and macaroons are used to decorate the cake while fresh roses and green leaves are used to add a natural design element to this scrumptious cake.

Flower Box Cake

From: د.إ475.00
Our Flower Box Double Cake is ideal for parties and celebrations. It consists of one cakes in the shape of cubes which are frosted with a light-colored icing. Icing is then used to create flower designs on the frosting, and some gold dust adds shine to the cake. Fresh flowers coming out of the “box” make it look desirable.

Geometric Flower Cake

From: د.إ980.00
Our Geometric Flower Cake is a two-tier cake in which the lower layer is grey-colored with a golden geometric design while the top layer has a pink marble effect on it. Purple and pink flowers along with green leaves, add to the design of the cake and make it look truly mesmerizing.

Gold N’ Black Cake

From: د.إ650.00
Our Gold N' Black cake is elegant, delicious, and attractive, making it ideal for big parties. The cake is covered in black icing, but gold leaf designs add shine and style to the dessert. Large white flowers and fresh stems, making this cake look sophisticated and elegant at the same time.

Maroon N’ White Cake

From: د.إ545.00
This cake combines flavor with sophistication and elegance. Half of the cake is decorated using maroon icing, whereas the other half is decorated with an off-white one. Colorful macaroons and meringues are dispersed at the sides of the cake to make for exquisite decorations while bright red flowers add vibrancy to the cake.

Peach Flower Fiesta Cake

From: د.إ575.00
Our Peach Flower Fiesta is a stunning, artistic dessert that looks gorgeous and tastes scrumptious. The cake is decorated in white and peach frosting and detailing is done using gold and silver paint. Peach, pink and white colored macaroons and roses along with fresh green leaves adorn this cake and making it even more attractive.

Pink Floral Box Cake

From: د.إ475.00
Our Pink Floral Box Cake is delicious and beautiful at the same time. The cake itself is covered in pink frosting while darker pink and the white cream frosting is used to make flowers on it. Pale pink and white roses are placed at the top and sides of the cake to add some vibrancy to this dessert.

Pink Flower Cake

From: د.إ575.00
Our Pink Flower Cake is a fresh looking dessert that is ideal for birthday parties and numerous other celebrations. The cake is frosted in plain pink cream, but a line of gold and silver glitter adds some shine to it. Macaroons, toasted meringues and green leaves are distributed throughout the cake to enhance its beauty.

Pink Flower Fiesta

From: د.إ520.00
Our Pink Flower Fiesta Cake is a delicious dessert that is intricately designed to make it an attractive dessert centerpiece. Half of the cake is decorated with white frosting while the rest is covered in pink frosting. Large pink flowers adorn the cake from top to bottom, making the cake look natural and visually appealing.

Pink Rose Box Cake

From: د.إ520.00
Our Pink Rose Box Cake is ideal for birthday parties, bridal showers and other celebrations. This cake is shaped like a cube and is covered in pink frosting. Darker pink icing is then used to make roses on the cake while real roses adorn the top of the cake and add freshness to it.

Pink Rose Cake

From: د.إ525.00
Our Pink Rose cake is delicate yet delicious. A light pink cream icing covers the cake completely while a thick, golden ganache drips from the top. Dark pink macaroons and rose petals are used to complete the cake and make it the centerpiece of any important celebration or event.

Pinky Love Cake

From: د.إ485.00
This cake is an ideal option for birthdays and celebrations. The whole cake is frosted with lilac cream while a smooth and luscious white chocolate ganache drips from the top of the cake. Rose gold and lilac macaroons are used to make the cake look eye-catching while flowers add some vibrancy to it.