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Blue Floral Cake

From: د.إ425.00
This cake is one of our most unique and attractive designs. The cake itself is covered in a fresh white cream frosting while blue icing is used to make flowers on it. Light blue flowers adorn the cake from top to bottom to make it even more eye-catching, making this dessert ideal for numerous celebrations.

Makeup Kit

This cake is designed for a makeup-loving diva. The cake is designed like a black and white bag from Sephora with fondant lipsticks and palettes sitting on top of it. Fondant detailing is used to make this cake look very realistic and make it an eye-catching option for your celebrations.

Peach Flower Fiesta Cake

From: د.إ575.00
Our Peach Flower Fiesta is a stunning, artistic dessert that looks gorgeous and tastes scrumptious. The cake is decorated in white and peach frosting and detailing is done using gold and silver paint. Peach, pink and white colored macaroons and roses along with fresh green leaves adorn this cake and making it even more attractive.

White Designer Accessory Bag

This cake is for that fashionable diva who loves to accessorize her outfits with designer accessory. The cake itself is designed to look like a mini Chanel handbag with the brand's logo on it while a white Valentino shoe accompanies it. Pink bows and flowers add a pop of color to this attractive dessert.