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Multi layers Heart Cake

Our multi-layered cake consists of three layers of malt cake that are filled with chocolate cream and malt chocolates. The cake is adorned with ripe, freshly cut strawberries, Oreo biscuits and crackers to make sure that the cake offers as much in terms of flavor as it does in looks,

Number Cake with Berries (two number)

Our Sandwich number cake is a simple option for birthdays. This cake is shaped to look like the number of your choice, but as it is a sandwich cake, it consists of two layers of cake that have thick, delicious cream in the middle. The cake has topped a selection of fresh cream and fruits, making it an elegant and tasty dessert option birthdays and anniversaries.

Nutella Cake

From: د.إ388.00
Our Nutella Cake is a dream comes true for all chocolate lovers. This cake is frosted using a chocolate-flavored cream and is decorated with chocolate macaroons, Oreos and a mini Nutella jar. This cake is perfect for birthdays and other celebrations as it is rich, chocolaty and delicious.

Pale Cream Cake

From: د.إ388.00
Our pale cream cake is minimalistic, a simple cake that tastes delicious and looks sophisticated. The cake is frosted with plain white cream whereas the ganache that drips from the top is pale blue and pale pink. Macaroons that are the same color as the ganache sits at top the cake to make it seem truly extraordinary.

Pink and White Cake

From: د.إ320.00
Our Pink and White cake combines the two delicate colors in a delicious dessert, which is perfect for parties for girls of all ages. The cake is frosted using fresh white cream, but a pink ganache is used to top it. It is also decorates using pink chocolates and macaroons, making it a whimsical, tasty dessert.

Pink Brush Stroke Cake

From: د.إ225.00
This cake resembles something of an artist's canvas! The cake is decorated in peach-pink cream icing with spots of white icing on it. Red and pink roses, as well as green leaves, sit on top of this cake, and it is these natural elements that make the dessert stand out.

Pink Chocolate Cake (two number)

This cake is a sandwich cake, with two layers of chocolate sponge with fresh cream in the middle. It is decorated using pink macaroons and chocolate, and the classic combination of chocolate and strawberry means that it is an incredibly delicious dessert. Assorted strawberry and chocolate candies are also used to make this cake more visually appealing.

Pink Cone Cake

From: د.إ268.00
Our Pink Cone cake is decorated using white, luscious frosting. A pink ganache is made to drip around the top of the cake to give the effect that the overturned pink ice cream cone is melting! White and pink glazed donuts are also used as extra decoration to make the cake a complete dessert.

Pink Donut Cake

From: د.إ288.00
Our Pink Donut cake can be used as an eye-catching and delectable treat at any party. The cake is decorated using pink cream frosting but has a large pink donut that sits on top of the cake and adds to the flavor of the cake. Pink Fruit Loops, macaroons and a golden ganache are also used to decorate the cake to make it seem even more attractive.

Pink Elegance

From: د.إ288.00
Our Pink Elegance Cake is designed for people who appreciate sophistication and elegance in all that they do. The cake is decorated with pink frosting while a dripping white chocolate ganache is poured over the top. Pink macaroons, rose petals and candies are used to make this cake even more attractive and delicious than it already is.

Pink Ganache Drip Cake

From: د.إ225.00
This cake is ideal for birthdays and birthday showers. The cake is covered in a light pink cream icing, which has a smooth and luscious texture.  A white chocolate ganache is made to drip from the top, whereas white and pink roses are used to add some freshness to the dessert.

Pink Gold

From: د.إ288.00
Our Pink Gold cake is for those people who like a little bling in their life. The cake is decorated using a layer of bright pink butter cream frosting whereas thick, golden ganache drips from the top. Fresh white roses and rose gold macaroons add to the visual appeal of this scrumptious cake and make it a perfect cake for birthdays and bridal showers.

Pink Mermaid Cake

From: د.إ155.00
This mermaid cake is designed for the princess in your life! The cake is covered in a peach-pink icing and is decorated with mermaid tails and a delicious donuts. This dessert is designed to look like something straight out of a fairy tale and is well-suited for birthday parties and bridal showers.

Purple Fantasy Cake

From: د.إ208.00
Our Purple Fantasy Cake is covered in delicious purple butter cream. The cake is then decorated using pink cream, chocolate ganache, macaroons, edible pearls and flowers, making it look like something straight out of a fairy tale. This cake has a lot of different textures and flavors that complement each other and make it a treat for everyone.

Rock Blue Cake

Our Rock Blue Cake is the ideal option for people who like elegant looking desserts that are tasty at the same time. The cream decoration on this cake resembles the exterior of a precious rock in the colors blue and white. The cake is topped with mini circular chocolates that complement the rock theme and make the cake chocolaty.

Rose Chocolate Drip Cake

From: د.إ225.00
This cake is covered in a light pink icing that is made of delicious fresh cream and is topped with a dark chocolate ganache. White meringues and pink roses are used to decorate this dessert, and it is this cake’s versatile design that makes it ideal for birthdays, parties and bridal showers.

Royal Pink Cake

From: د.إ155.00
This cake is designed for the royal diva in your life! The cake is covered in white icing with a dripping pink icing. The cake is decorated with a fancy, non-edible crown made of pink and white icing and is adorned with crystals. This cake is designed to be the show-stopping centerpiece dessert for a party!

Sea Breeze Brush Stroke Cake

From: د.إ225.00
This cake is designed to make you feel the sea breeze whenever you look at it. The cake is covered in white and blue icing in the form of brushstrokes to fit in with the “sea breeze” theme. White and blue macaroons and white roses are used to adorn this delicious dessert and make it even more attractive.

Sea Breeze Cake

From: د.إ358.00
Our Sea Breeze cake is decorated using a cream that has been coloured aqua, light blue and sea blue to make it resemble real sea waters. It is decorated using small white meringues and blue macaroons that make the cake delicious and a complete, tasty treat.

Shades of Pink Brush Stroke Cake

From: د.إ155.00
This delicious cake is covered in a fresh, white cream icing, whereas brushstrokes of pink icing are painted upon it. The top of the cake is covered with edible silver pearls and some more pink icing, making this cake look whimsy yet beautiful and suitable for numerous occasions.