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Chocolate Drip Cake

From: د.إ388.00
Our Chocolate Drip Cake is a fan favorite. A light chocolate butter cream frosting coats the cake whereas a rich chocolate ganache is used to top it. Delicious chocolate macaroons and Oreo biscuits give the cake different textures and flavors and make it suitable for both adults and children.

Chocolate Drip Cake – 2

From: د.إ388.00
Our Simple Drip cake has a simple, minimalistic design but delivers big flavors. This cake is frosted using cookies and cream butter cream and a dripping chocolate ganache. Cream cookies, chocolate macaroons and candy, make this a tantalizing dessert. This cake can be ordered for a variety of events due to its simple and versatile design.

Chocolate Forest Cake

From: د.إ155.00
This cake is designed for all chocoholics. The cake itself is covered in a light chocolate cream icing while a dark chocolate ganache drips from the top. Fresh blueberries and green leaves are used to give a fresh forest effect to this dessert, making it ideal for a number of events.

Chocolate Number Cake (two number)

This cake is made up of two layers of decadent chocolate sponge that has chocolate cream in the middle. It is decorated using round chocolate candies and blackberries, which gives the taste of the cake another dimension by providing a fresh, fruity burst of flavor. This cake can be customized for any event.

Chocolate Space Cake

From: د.إ288.00
This cake is entirely decorated with a black chocolate ganache that is rich in flavor and gives the cake the feel of a night sky. Oreos, white chocolate stars and small pipes of black cream are used to fill this space cake, making it look like a scene from a sci-fi movie that is ready to be devoured.

Cookies and Cream Cake

From: د.إ248.00
Cookies and Cream is a classic combination, and this cake is the perfect method for enjoying it. This cake is frosted with cookies and cream frosting, is topped with a silky chocolate ganache and has cookies and cream chocolate bar fixed on top of it to make the cake even more attractive and delicious.

Crunchy Cream Cake with Edible Gold 20k Leaves

Everyone likes to have some complexity of flavor and different textures in their cake. Our crunchy cake is frosted with rich cream but is decorated with Ferraro Rocher chocolates, crunchy mini pretzels and caramel popcorn. All of these flavors work well together and make the cake a treat to eat.

Dark Berry Brush Stroke Cake

From: د.إ155.00
This cake has a simple yet unique design that makes it ideal for a range of parties. The cake itself is covered in a white cream icing, and a dark berry colored icing is used to make brush strokes on it. A range of berries is used to decorate this cake and add some fresh flavors to this dessert.

Extreme Chocolate Cake

From: د.إ332.00
Our Extreme Chocolate Cake is no for the light-hearten! This cake is frosted with fresh white cream but is decorated using a rich chocolate ganache. It is adorned with meringues, donuts, chocolates and slabs of candy bars that make this cake a truly amazing piece of art, which tastes delicious as well.

Fluffy Pink Cake

From: د.إ198.00
For girls who love all things pink, this cake is a great option for birthdays and bridal showers. It is completely frosted using bright pink frosting, and more of this same frosting is piped in fluffy clouds at the top of the cake. It is decorated using sprinkles and edible golden pearls which are sweet to eat and pretty to look at.

Fruit Chocolate Cake

From: د.إ332.00
Fruit and chocolate is a classic combination, and we bring it to you in dessert form with this cake. The cake is decorated with a dark chocolate cream. At the top, there are fresh and colorful fruits that are secured in place using a chocolate ganache that is dripping from the sides of the cake.

Gold Marine Cake

From: د.إ268.00
Our Gold Marine cake is a fan favorite and has a truly unique design. This cake is decorated with fresh white cream and blue frosting. Sheets of gold foil are expertly folded and placed on top of the cake, which gives the cake volume and makes it extremely attractive. White meringues and blue cream decorations add further volume and shape to the cake.

Green Chocolate Drip Cake

From: د.إ155.00
This delicious dessert is covered in shades of green icing to give an ombre effect. A smooth chocolate ganache drips from the top of the cake, whereas fresh strawberries add a dash of color and a fruity flavor to this dessert. The simple yet elegant design of this cake makes it suitable for birthdays and various celebrations.

Grey Marble Cake

From: د.إ288.00
This marble cake is a truly unique dessert that is likely to turn heads at any party you order it for. Different shades of grey cream frosting are used to create a simple marble frosting, and gold painted chocolates and candies are used to make it look brighter. Macaroons and a dark chocolate ganache make it a mouth-watering treat.

Half Chocolate Drip Cake

From: د.إ155.00
This cake is perfect for a variety of occasions and parties because of its versatile design. The cake itself is covered in a luscious fresh cream icing while half of the cake is covered in a smooth chocolate ganache. Blueberries and sweet macaroons are used to add a hint of color to this delicious dessert.

Letter Sandwich Cake

If you want to gift a cake to a loved one, or even order a birthday cake, having a cake in the shape of the initials of the person's name is a good idea. This cake can be customized to look like any letter and is made of layers of moist vanilla sponge with cream and fruits to enhance the flavor.

Light Rosette Cake

From: د.إ155.00
This Light Rosette Cake has a very versatile design, making this ideal for several occasions. The cake is covered in a white, fresh cream icing, and blue and pink cream rosettes are used to adorn this cake. This cake is suitable for birthdays and parties and tastes as scrumptious as it looks.

Lilac Brush Stroke Cake

From: د.إ225.00
This Lilac cake is ideal for the elegant yet sweet person in your life! The cake is covered in a lilac icing in the form of brushstrokes and lilac edible dust is used to decorate it. A large lilac flower sits on top of the cake, making this dessert even more visually appealing.

Malt Heart Cake

Our malt cake is made up of two layers of yummy chocolate malt cake that is shaped like a heart. This cake is decorated using Maltese’s chocolates and strawberries, making it a delicious dessert to eat. This cake is perfect for anniversaries or for gifting to a loved on a special event.

Marine Cream Cake

From: د.إ288.00
Our Marine Cream Cake is an abstract take over what a marine view looks like. The cake is covered in yellow, white and blue frosting whereas sea-shell like blobs of yellow and blue cream adorn the cake. There is also an oblique ice cream cone at the top of the cake, to make it look as if the ice cream is melting.