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Cream Cake

Best Customized Cream Cake Makers in Town!

Pink Brush Stroke Cake

From: د.إ225.00
This cake resembles something of an artist's canvas! The cake is decorated in peach-pink cream icing with spots of white icing on it. Red and pink roses, as well as green leaves, sit on top of this cake, and it is these natural elements that make the dessert stand out.

Strawberry Tuxedo Cake

From: د.إ155.00
This cake is ideal for the gentleman in your life! The cake is decorated to resemble a brown tuxedo with a red bow tie, and it is this quirky design that makes it perfect for your party. The cake is then adorned with freshly sliced strawberries that add a bit of vibrancy and a fresh fruity taste to this dessert.

Chocolate Forest Cake

From: د.إ155.00
This cake is designed for all chocoholics. The cake itself is covered in a light chocolate cream icing while a dark chocolate ganache drips from the top. Fresh blueberries and green leaves are used to give a fresh forest effect to this dessert, making it ideal for a number of events.

Half Chocolate Drip Cake

From: د.إ155.00
This cake is perfect for a variety of occasions and parties because of its versatile design. The cake itself is covered in a luscious fresh cream icing while half of the cake is covered in a smooth chocolate ganache. Blueberries and sweet macaroons are used to add a hint of color to this delicious dessert.

Birthday Cakes

Celebrate Birthday Events with Delicious Taste our Cakes…

Chocolate Dessert Cake with Edible Gold

From: د.إ228.00
Our Chocolate Dessert Cake combines everyone's favorite chocolate desserts in one cake! The cake is topped with chocolate glazed donuts, chocolate bars and biscuits and is covered in a smooth chocolate ganache. This cake is suitable for people of all ages and is an excellent option for birthdays and celebrations,

White and Blue Cake

From: د.إ388.00
Our white and blue cake is decorated using white butter cream. The same butter cream in different shades of blue is then used to create a natural pattern at the base of the cake. Blue and white macaroons top the cake, and these are embellished with gold foil to make it look even more attractive,

Multi layers Heart Cake

Our multi-layered cake consists of three layers of malt cake that are filled with chocolate cream and malt chocolates. The cake is adorned with ripe, freshly cut strawberries, Oreo biscuits and crackers to make sure that the cake offers as much in terms of flavor as it does in looks,

Berry Overdose Cake

From: د.إ155.00
This cake is designed for people who love berries and the sweet, tangy flavor they have.The cake is covered in pink and white icing, whereas a ring of assorted berries is used to adorn the top of the cake. This cake has a simple and natural design, making it ideal for birthdays and important celebrations,

Cake for Lady

Make her day more memorable with delicious cake…

White Designer Accessory Bag

This cake is for that fashionable diva who loves to accessorize her outfits with designer accessory. The cake itself is designed to look like a mini Chanel handbag with the brand's logo on it while a white Valentino shoe accompanies it. Pink bows and flowers add a pop of color to this attractive dessert.

Blue Floral Cake

From: د.إ425.00
This cake is one of our most unique and attractive designs. The cake itself is covered in a fresh white cream frosting while blue icing is used to make flowers on it. Light blue flowers adorn the cake from top to bottom to make it even more eye-catching, making this dessert ideal for numerous celebrations.

Peach Flower Fiesta Cake

From: د.إ575.00
Our Peach Flower Fiesta is a stunning, artistic dessert that looks gorgeous and tastes scrumptious. The cake is decorated in white and peach frosting and detailing is done using gold and silver paint. Peach, pink and white colored macaroons and roses along with fresh green leaves adorn this cake and making it even more attractive.

Makeup Kit

This cake is designed for a makeup-loving diva. The cake is designed like a black and white bag from Sephora with fondant lipsticks and palettes sitting on top of it. Fondant detailing is used to make this cake look very realistic and make it an eye-catching option for your celebrations.

Cake for Men

Elegant style Cake for Men…

Rolex Cake

A Rolex Watch makes for a good gift, but a Rolex Watch cake makes for a delicious treat that you can eat! The cake is designed to look like a green watch box that is made of cake and covered in green fondant. A fondant Rolex watch also sits in the box to complete its realistic image, and make it truly eye-catching.

Chevrolet Cake

If you know someone who loves cars, this cake is the perfect dessert option for them. The cake is covered in a light icing with the Chevrolet logo placed in the middle. Small race cars and a checkers race flag are used to decorate the cake so that it resembles a car racing course.

Bike Chocolate Cake

For guys who appreciate bikes and chocolate, this cake is a great dessert option for parties. The cake itself is covered in white frosting with a chocolate ganache dripping from the top. Chocolate macaroons and a mini Nutella jar sit on the top of this cake along with a cutout of a chopper bike to top it off.

Sneaker Head Cake

Everyone has a sneaker head in their social or family circle, and this cake is the ideal option for celebrations in their life! This cake is designed to look like an authentic Air Jordan in the colors red and white with black shoelaces. The cake is entirely edible, and the detailed fondant work on this cake makes it truly stand out.
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Our Creative Work

Adidas Sneaker Cake

This cake is for people who truly appreciate sneakers and are fans of Adidas. The cake itself is covered in white fondant with an Adidas logo placed in the middle. An “sneaker” made of Styrofoam and edible fondant sits on top of the cake.

Ammo Box Cake

For the adventurous person in your life, the Ammo Box cake is an ideal option for birthdays and parties. The cake is designed to look like a red box that is covered in a blue fondant cloth and is wrapped in black fondant ropes. This cake tastes delicious as it is made of soft, decadent sponge and is covered in soft fondant.

Aqua Bliss Cake

From: د.إ268.00
Our Aqua Bliss cake takes a unique shade of blue and uses it to create a masterpiece dessert. The cake is decorated using aqua colored macaroons and donuts that provide height and volume to the dessert. White biscuits and chocolates complement the aqua frosting and make it look lovely.

Pandora – A premium cake shop in Dubai

Cakes are hallmarks of celebrations; they are a lot more than just desserts. There is no way a party or celebration can be complete without cake. However, a traditional cake simply doesn’t cut it anymore, and you need a delectable slice of cake that reflects sheer joy. If this is what you want to enjoy, then we at Pandora are here to help you get your hands on the finest, most delicious cakes in Dubai.

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As a boutique cake shop, Pandora offers cake delivery in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and across the UAE. We prepare indulgent, hand-crafted cakes for all sorts of occasions and events ranging from birthday parties to weddings and many more. Most importantly, we are experts in preparing special cakes that are suitable for all ages, dietary requirements and tastes. So whether you are looking for the best customized cakes in Dubai or need a baby shower cake in Dubai, then don’t forget to connect with us right now.

Why choose Pandora for your cake delivery in Dubai & across the UAE

The number one priority for the cake designers and bakers at Pandora is to provide the most delectable and well-decorated cakes that are baked to perfection. Our custom cakes are prepared as per the requirements of our clients. Most importantly, our cakes are prepared fresh and to order, so there is nothing for you to worry about in terms of their freshness. We only use the freshest ingredients to ensure that you enjoy a tasteful and mouth-watering sensation right from the first bite.

For us, every single celebration and event is unique, and for this reason, we have dedicated ourselves to delivering the most unique and delicious cakes to make them even more special. Our baking experts possess the skills required to create out of this world cakes that are surely going to amaze you and your guests. We can bake cakes from over 39 flavors and styles as per your requirements. To add to that, we also have almost 45 designs specifically for children to guarantee fun and happy times!

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